Top 20 Companies of world with best Supply-Chain: 2018

Date : 8 June 2018

Top 20 Companies of world with best Supply-Chain: 2018

There are 03 major focus areas, which distinguish supply-chain leaders from the rest of industry and help them to accelerate their capabilities.

  1. Focus on Customer Experience: Companies recognize that their customers are heavily influenced by their supply-chain experience- a late delivery disappoints, an expedited delivery delights. Many leading supply-chains are using digital connections with customers to better understand their use of products, predict future demand and more quickly respond to issues, even before they appear.

  2. Scaling Digital Supply Chain Capabilities: After a first round of experiments, leading companies are scaling the most viable digital supply-chain solutions in factories, warehouses and corporate back-offices. While automation is most common in manufacturing and logistics, there has also been an explosion in digital customer service. This includes RPA in the order-to-cash cycle and the use of trained artificial intelligence (AI) customer service chat-bots that customers may mistake for a human, due to their use of natural language.

  3. Moving to Circular Supply-Chain Designs: Leading companies have changed their mindset when it comes to environmental sustainability. Advanced supply-chains now take a life cycle-based approach to understand the total impact of products and operations across the value-chain. There are many reasons why companies are pursuing these so-called 'circular economy' strategies. We often see an altruistic desire to do what's best for the environment and society, combined with a commercial desire for continued differentiation in competitive markets. As a result, some companies are now recycling and repurposing old parts in new products and extending the life cycle of existing equipment, as part of broader circular business strategies.

Source: Gartner

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