How Artificial-Intelligence will help Logistics ?

Date : 20 March 2018

As a human-being with different desires and associated pleasures, we always try to plan our future one way or the other way. Sometimes we plan short term goals, sometimes we plan long term.

Whosoever is not planning, we consider them “directionless”, as they keep moving as per the flow of situation.

How Artificial-Intelligence will help Logistics ?

Honestly, most of the people or organizations fall in the category of “directionless”….. Why ?

  • They have accepted the fact that, they don’t have control over the situation.
  • They are unaware of the various possibilities.
  • They don’t want to take the pain of change or discomfort.
  • They assume that, situation is not in their control (which is not the case most of the time).
  • They prefer to stay in present state, as they are more comfortable.
  • They come under pressure of others ….. and many more reasons !

First of all, Artificial-Intelligence is not for above category (directionless) of organizations, as they will act only when they will be forced against wall or they don’t have any choice. So, we are left with those category of organizations, who want to take control of their future and make the mark for themselves in coming time.

As per various surveys, Logistics is one of the most important area where Artificial-Intelligence will play very critical role in coming time. We at CONBOX fully agree with these surveys, as Logistics is not only about Transportation of goods from one place to another place, but the way of life in itself …. Can we image vegetable market without Logistics or can we imagine Amazon without Logistics ??

Presently there are different kind of challenges faced by organizations & Logistics companies, which Artificial-Intelligence will help in resolving in coming time. Some of the areas where Artificial-Intelligence will help and play critical role in Logistics are as under.

  1. Seamless flow of predictive information to make smart decisions.
  2. Resource optimization and cost reductions.
  3. More focus on services & customer comfort, rather than data & associated complexities.
  4. Security & transparency (Blockchain will play important role here).
  5. More focus on value addition, rather than cost & associated complexities.

Only those will be able to take control of future, who are proactive and moving ahead with plan. Others will either die or may get acquired in due-course.

Also, we may see the scenario, where Logistics cost is going to be irrelevant, as other factors will start taking higher priority. Already, we can see such examples in ocean-freight or niche logistics, where other factors are becoming more important than cost.

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